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Please be informed that we are the manufacturer of the following “Halal” Mooncakes and are offering you attractive prices as follows:

  • 01. Mini Mooncakes - Bear/Mouse/Cat/Ding Dang (Vegetarian)
  • 02. Mini Mooncakes - (Round Shape, Dimension 5cm, Vegetarian)
  • 03. Mini Mooncakes with Yolk - (Round shape, Dimension 5cm)
  • 04. Mini Pure Lotus (Vegetarian or traditional)
  • 05. Mini Pure Lotus with Yolk
  • 06. Big Lotus (pure) (Vegetarian or traditional)
  • 07. Big Single Yolk Lotus (pure)
  • 08. Big Double Yolk Lotus (pure)
  • 09. Goodies Bag with LED


  • Goodie Bag consists of 1pc lantern with stick, 1pc LED & 2pcs Mini Mooncakes.
  • Big mooncakes can be supplied in single in plastic box or 4 pcs in a paper box.
  • Please see our website www.gloryfood.com.sg for pictures of our mooncakes. Order closing date is 31.08.2022.
  • Alternatively, you can email (order@gloryfood.com.sg) or fax (64448438) your order and provide us the following info. We shall confirm upon receipt of your order. No delivery charge of $20.00 will be imposed for order of $150 & above. Please note that for delivery, we need a 2hrs allowance from your stated time.

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