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Glad to inform all our patrons & friends, our regular shop

@Katong 139, East Coast Road will be open

from Jan 4, 2021 till Feb 11 2021 

retailing all your favorite CNY goodies.

Don't miss this joyous shopping occasions

with your family and love ones.

Mini Mooncake Lotus

Mini Single

Mini Mooncake with Egg  

Mini Lotus Mouse

Mini Lotus Mouse (vegetarian)-not available 

Mini Lotus Bear

Mini Lotus Bear (vegetarian)-not available 

 Mini Mooncakes Egg Lotus 8's


Mini 2'sMini Mooncake Lotus 2's 

Mini Lotus Ding Dang

Mini Lotus Ding Dang (vegetarian)-not available 

Mini Mooncakes 8_s Lotus_ Egg Lotus_ Black Taosha_ Green Tea_ Vegetarian LotusMini Mooncakes Lotus 8's

$3.80 per Goodies Bag
Consists of:
- 1 Lantern with Stick
(20cm Diameter)
- 2 pcs Mini Mooncakes
- 1 pc Led light with Battery
- 1 pc Goodie Bag

Mini Lotus FishMini Lotus Fish (Vegetarian) - not available

Mini Lotus Cat

Mini Lotus Cat (vegetarian)-not available 

Piglets_ VegetarianPiglets, Vegetarian


Please be informed that we are the manufacturer of the following "Halal" Mooncakes and are offering you attractive prices as follows:


01. Mini Mooncakes  - Bear/Mouse/Cat/Ding Dang (Vegetarian)                                              Not available

$ 0.50/pc

02. Mini Mooncakes  -(Round Shape, Dimension 5cm, Vegetarian)                               

$ 0.55/pc

03. Mini Mooncake - Pure Lotus (Round Shape, Dimension 5cm,                                                               Vegetarian)                                    

$ 1.20/pc

04. Big Lotus (pure) 

$ 4.50/pc

05. Big Single Yolk Lotus (pure)

$ 5.50/pc

06. Big Double Yolk Lotus (pure)

$ 6.50/pc

07. Goodies Bag  with LED 

$ 3.80/set

- Prices are subject to 7% GST.
- Our mini mooncakes come in single, can be individually wrapped in plastic bag or 2 pcs in a plastic box with no extra charge

- Big mooncakes can be supplied in single in a plastic box or 4 pcs in a paper box.
- Order closing date is 11 September 2021.
- Please email ( or fax (64448438) your order and provide us the following info.

- We shall confirm upon receipt of your order.

- No delivery charge of $20.00 will be imposed for order of $150 & above.
- Please note for delivery, we need a 2hr allowance from your stated time.

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